Downloading Tips

Downloading & Security Information

To make your video purchase and downloads go as smooth as possible please review these simple policies.

Avoid VPN and Proxy Servers - Using a VPN or proxy server to hide your identity can cause the downloads to fail due to the IP address rotation those services employ. We are are not able to reset our system to the same IP as the VPN or proxy if your download fails.

The payment and security companies state that the need to hide identity while purchasing often means the buyer is using a stolen credit card. This is a setting we are not able to override.

Be Patient - Many of the products here are very large downloads. We use a worldwide content delivery network to help speed the process but it is important to understand that these are not tiny files that will appear within a few seconds.

These videos do not stream or play as they download. They must download completely before being played from your local computer or device.

Repeatedly clicking the download links will delay the overall process because each click restarts the entire download. A third click will trigger the security system to block further downloads because the software was designed to prevent sharing of these private links. That security system is built-in and can't be disabled.

Please be patient and allow the system to download.

Avoid Cell Networks - Cell phone networks, even 4G/LTE, often do not maintain a steady connection from the Internet to your device and can cause the downloads here to fail. Due to the revolving IP addresses they use, even if your device reconnects quickly the download will not restart (see below).

If on a mobile device your orders and downloads should only be done from a steady WiFi connection.

Purchase IP address - To insure that the download links are not shared or posted in public forums the security system on this site will only allow you to download your purchase from the IP address used during the check-out process. This setting is built into the payment system and can not be turned off or manually adjusted.

It is best to not order from a friend's home, coffee shop or other shared WiFi network unless you are confident your connection is steady and you have adequate time to complete the download.

Avoid Device Limitations Don't try downloading a large file to a device that is not able to handle large files. The internal storage and SD cards in phones and pads use a format limited to 4GB maximum per individual file. Even the 32GB, 64GB internal storage chips and SD cards have that "per file" limitation built-in.

Andriod and iOS (Apple) mobile devices can't be used to directly download any of the items we offer above 4GB. These larger collections are intended for laptop or computer usage.

No Download Software - The programs commonly called Downloaders or Download Accelerators do not work on this site. The files here are stored on a content delivery network (CDN) and the use of a downloader will trigger the security system to block further downloads.

Please disable any download accelerators before placing your orders.

Avoid Sleeping Systems - Don't let the computer go to sleep. The screen saver and sleep settings, on both Windows and Mac computers, depend on keyboard or mouse usage. If you start a large download, walk away, and the computer goes to sleep after a few minutes, the network connection is shut off and that cuts the download. If downloading large files - it is best to turn off the screen saver and sleep functions so the computer stays awake to accept the download.

Download Time Limit - Once your order has been placed you have 24 hours to complete the downloads before the secure links expire. Those links have a 3-click limit. Please do not repeatedly click links while trying to make downloads faster.

We suggest that you limit your purchase to only the items you are confident you'll be able to download within 24 hours. If you wish to order additional items please do so after completing the first purchase and downloads.

Back-Up Your Purchase - This is not a file hosting or storage website and we are not able to store your orders for future downloads. Please download within 24 hours.

We suggest you back-up your purchase to an external hard drive shortly after downloading. Our company uses the popular My Passport series from Western Digital available at

We are not able to send files or links to your past orders and you are fully responsable for protecting your purchase and backing up your own files.

Copyright Information - By purchasing from you agreed that you will not distribute, or allow to be copied, any of the products purchased, in whole or part, without prior written consent from James S. Grady d/b/a Group Five Photosports, LLC and TrueTeenBabes™ and that infringement of that agreement and/or the copyrights of James S. Grady will result in legal action in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado.